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A Successful Live Auction is Like a Circus

Posted on 27 May 2009

Have you ever thought about a live auction as being like a circus?  It’s true!  During the auction all eyes are focused on the stage to your ringmaster, the auctioneer.  Any great circus has many other performers to make the event a success.  Your auction also needs “ring people” to help the person on stage […]

Roundup: Food Banks Stepping Up Efforts; Fundraising

Posted on 15 May 2009

New Hampshire’s Community Action Program has seen the pantry use rise dramatically, up 50% compared to the numbers of people who typically use the pantries. This is a story that’s being played out all over the country. Food banks, other nonprofits, corporations and communities are stepping up to fill the need.  Here are some stories […]

Raising Money for Individuals with Health Conditions

Posted on 05 May 2009

Occasionally I hear from people who would like to fundraise to help someone who has financial needs because of a serious medical situation such as a cancer diagnosis or transplant.  Even with health insurance, facing the financial responsibility of paying for medical treatment can become overwhelming. Here are seven guidelines to follow when raising funds […]

Roundup: The Latest on Social Media for Nonprofits

Posted on 01 May 2009

In the past few weeks the media buzz about Twitter has exploded.  Even if you’ve never been to the site, now most people have at least heard of it.  Like with the Twitter war between CNN and Ashton Kutcher, it’s mostly been about the numbers.  A million followers?  Wow. But really social media is not […]