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20 Free Grant Writing Resources for Non-Profits

Posted on 13 August 2008

I started out just looking for a basic grant writing 101 guide and was surprised to find so many resources available for free, even classes and full text books. Even if you eventually hire a consultant or purchase training material, these resources will provide a good introduction to the basic terminology and concepts of grant […]

Roundup: Grab Bag

Posted on 08 August 2008

Here’s some great links that I’ve come across this week… Fundraising Basics: The Old and New a great back to basics lesson from Guidestar Avoiding Jargon for Stronger Nonprofit Marketing Copy by Nancy E. Schwartz – You know what you mean, but does the average Joe? A Bigger Purpose by Jon Gordon – Considering turning […]

Review of the Entertainment Book Fundraiser

Posted on 07 August 2008

Many people are familiar with The Entertainment Book. It’s a coupon book that can get you both local and nationwide discounts on your favorite stores and retailers. Many people that use The Entertainment Book save hundreds of dollars each year by using both the coupons within the book and from the online coupons available when […]

Golf Survey Results, Winners

Posted on 06 August 2008

Thanks to everyone who participated in the most recent survey.  There were many great questions submitted regarding golf events and other fundraisers.  You input is truly valuable as it helps us know what information to provide in the future. In the meantime…. here’s the list of winners from the random drawing!  We’ll contact you via […]

8 Keys to Grant Strategy Success

Posted on 06 August 2008

The success of a grant fundraising effort is challenging to measure. Simple ratios that compare the number of grants submitted to the number funded don’t really reveal much. Grant fundraising success must be defined for each organization individually, in part by considering how appealing its organizational mission is by current public or foundation standards. More […]

Awareness Bracelets Still Going Strong

Posted on 04 August 2008

The June 15 issue of The Non Profit Times reports that sales of the Livestrong bracelets, which benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, are still brisk. When the bright yellow bracelets hit the scene, they were something new and novel.  During the first year of the promotion 5 million Livestrong bracelets were sold.  Last year that […]

Last Chance to Win $100 Charitable Donation

Posted on 03 August 2008

In July Jim Berigan brought us a great article series on charity golf outings. Planning a golf tournament can be very time and labor intensive. They can also raise significant funds and give you a great opportunity to network with current and future supporters. What information would be most helpful to you about golf fundraisers? […]