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27 Story Ideas for Your Non Profit’s Newsletter

Posted on 11 March 2008

While researching email tips for non profits I discovered Kivi Leroux Miller’s blog about non profit communications. One of her articles presents 15 Places to Find Article Ideas for Your Nonprofit Newsletter which includes some creative places around the office and otherwise to find newsletter ideas. So after reading Kivi’s post I decided to put […]

Resource Roundup: Giving Circles

Posted on 07 March 2008

Ever hears of a giving circle? It’s a great way for friends to get together and support causes they care about. Giving circles are made up of a small group of friends that meet informally on occassion, simliar to supper clubs and book clubs. I suppose social service clubs have been doing this for years […]

Nonprofit Leadership Development-Where is the best place to practice leadership skills?

Posted on 06 March 2008

Did you learn to swim by reading a book?The answer of course is no, even if you did read about the different strokes, breathing methods and different types of kicks. Sooner or later, you actually had to get into the water. In the realm of leadership development, the same principle applies. You can take very […]

Taylor’s Angels 5K Run Benefits Children with Cancer

Posted on 04 March 2008

Editor’s Note: The article first appeared on Step by Step Fundraising on March 4, 2004. Since that time Taylor’s Angels changed its name to Heroes for Children. This nonprofit organization provides financial and social assistance to families, within the state of Texas, with children (0-22 yrs of age) battling cancer. An Interview with Larissa Linton […]