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Nelson T. Gant Foundation Holds Fifth Annual Birthday Celebration And Welcomes New Book

Posted on 16 August 2007

The 5th Annual Nelson T. Gant Foundation Birthday Celebration was held Saturday, July 14th. It was held at the Zanesville Art Center in Zanesville, OH. The event was both a birthday celebration and a fund-raiser for the Foundation. Ms. Stephanie Kline discovered there were plans in the works to write a book about Nelson T. Gant. She […]

Why Do People Donate to Charitable Causes?

Posted on 15 August 2007

So why do people give to charity? What are their intrinsic motivations for giving to any charitable cause? Economic benefits such as tax savings are much less a reason than most people realize. Kim Klein in the November/December 2006 issue of Grassroots Fundraising Journal states: Most money given away in the private sector comes from […]

An Introduction to Donor Motivations

Posted on 15 August 2007

So much of the literature, seminars and talk about fundraising deals with individual strategies. There are many books on how to write fundraising letters, how to plan events, and other “how to” information. Admittedly much of this website tends to focus on “fundraising ideas” and how-to’s. All of this practical information is extremely useful, especially […]

Minature Cars Race Raise Money to Prevent Child Abuse

Posted on 13 August 2007

64 minature cars raced along the track at Hobbytown, U.S.A. for their charity race in Glen Burnie, Maryland on Saturday, July 7th. The event raised $870 for Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere Foundation. While the charity race was the only “charity meet” for the racing season at Hobbytown, U.S.A., racers are at the location […]

Grants for Rural Based Non Profits

Posted on 10 August 2007

Does your organization serve a rural population?  An interesting study recently revealed several interesting facts about how foundations view rural populations. Grantmakers’ perceptions of rural life, geographical isolation and capacity-building needs greatly reduce rural nonprofits’ ability to secure funding, finds the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy in its latest report, Rural Philanthropy: Building Dialogue from […]

Dance Marathons Make The Perfect High Energy Fundraiser

Posted on 09 August 2007

Does the idea of a dance marathon make you think of sock-hopping teens from the 1950’s, swaying together, trying to dance to the new sound of rock-and-roll for twenty-four hours? Well dance marathons are popular around the country, and they are an excellent way for schools to raise money and for students to show school […]

Alozono Mourning Holds 11th Annual Zo’s Summer Groove to Benefit At-Risk Kids and Teens

Posted on 08 August 2007

Alonzo Mourning, a basketball player for the Miami Heat, held the 11th annual Zo’s Summer Groove. The event was held over five days and began with basketball clinics. The event also included a golf tournament on Thursday, and a comedy show, benefit dinner, block party and all-star basketball game held over the weekend Mourning’s goals […]