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Thanking & Listening to Donors

Posted on 22 May 2007

Sending your thanks to people who have helped with a fundraising campaign, including volunteers, staff and donors, is very important. Marc Pitman also advises us to be attentive and listen to what supporters say. How you respond or don’t respond to them can unintentionally communicate negative messages to them. Just taking money without thanking donors […]

Powerful Press Release Distribution Tips

Posted on 16 May 2007

While press release writing is important, press release distribution plays an equally important role in your return on investment (ROI) with this marketing / public relations tool. Because without targeted distribution, many prospects, clients and other interested parties may not even read your latest announcement or hear about it via other channels; TV, radio, print […]

Extreme Fundraising

Posted on 09 May 2007

Awhile back I had the pleasure of speaking with Verna Gates, a reporter doing a story about unusual fundraisers. I mentioned several ‘out there’ fundraisers that I’d heard of such as Jump for the Cause, a group that skydives to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Even with some of the odd stories I’d heard […]

Raffle Prizes: Getting Prizes for Your Raffle

Posted on 09 May 2007

Will You Be Running a Raffle in 2011-12?  If so, check out the brand new e-book from Sandra Sims and Jim Berigan.  RaffleSecrets is 50 pages long and comes with three free bonus books. Excellent content from authors you’ve known and trusted for years! Special deal just for Step by Step Fundraising readers going on […]

Raffle Ticket Fundraising Tips

Posted on 08 May 2007

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large nonprofit organization raffle ticket fundraisers can greatly benefit your charity. If you’re organizing your first or fifth charity raffle, these tips I’m going to share with you will help you reach more targeted donors faster, easier, and for pennies on the dollar. Capitalize on Local Media They’re read […]

Raise Funds by Searching the Internet: Prodege

Posted on 01 May 2007

Do you use the Internet (hint: you’re using it right now). Well, there is a strong likelihood that you also use a search engine on a regular basis. What if using a search engine, just as you are using now, helped your not-for-profit organization much-needed funds each and every month? is a search engine […]