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Are You a School Fundraising Volunteer?

Posted on 23 October 2006

Do you lead or participate in school fundraisers? Most parents do to some extent. There are fundraising programs and strategies that work well for schools but not for other groups. About a year ago I started a site just for school fundraisers. Unfortunately I got very busy and it still has not reached its full […]

Matching Your Organization with the Right Fundraiser

Posted on 20 October 2006

Creating a good match between your organization and an appropriate fundraiser will result in a higher return on your time and investment. Not just higher overall donations but higher quality donations, that is from people who will be willing to support you again in the future. So how do you go about the process of […]

Shop Online & Raise Funds with iGive

Posted on 02 October 2006

iGive is an online portal to a wide variety of online merchants. Instead of going directly to the merchant’s online store, members start their online shopping experience at There are over 650 online stores represented, with at least 1 new store being added every week. Some of the most popular online stores include Lands’ […]