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Garage Sale Signs

Posted on 30 May 2006

The annual garage sale fundraiser for BPW/CWJC a week ago Saturday went well, raising over $1,300. We were very lucky to have an indoor location this year. We had a couple of weeks to set up and organize everything. Last year our committee purchased a sign that could be reused each year. The sign was […]

Human Ice Cream Sundae Fundraiser

Posted on 23 May 2006

The TV show Survivor became the inspiration for members of a Parent Teacher Support Association (PTSA) at Nadaburg Elementary School in Wittmann, Arizona. The unusual event helped to raise funds to purchase sunshades for the school playground and promote the upcoming fall festival. The PTSA volunteers enlisted the help of several staff members from every […]

Garage Sale Articles From Club Mom

Posted on 18 May 2006

This week I’m working with my BPW club to get our annual garage sale ready. With perfect timing, the ClubMom Home & Garden newsletter that arrived in my email box today had the subject line “10 tips for a successful garage sale.” Whan to Make Money at Your Garage Sale? Of course we all do! […]

Publicity Links

Posted on 16 May 2006

I recently found several new websites with great information about publicity. With all of these great resources I decided to create a page in the resources section just for publicity. […]

Now Appearing: 9 Tips for a Well-Attended Event

Posted on 11 May 2006

When I made the decision to do free workshops and book signings for my latest book, Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer, I thought it would be easy to draw an audience. I had, after all, done all the right things to prepare for this big event: I had a successful e-zine,, […]

Luxury Lock-up Fundraiser

Posted on 10 May 2006

This tried and true fundraiser is a whimsical take on the traditional Jail N Bail idea, but with some modern twists designed especially for the business executives and creme de la creme of your community. At the Luxury Lock-up, area business and community leaders who ‘turn themselves in’ will be treated to an hour of […]

Water Balloon Fundraiser

Posted on 08 May 2006

University of Michigan students held a water balloon contest after class to raise funds for a local charity. Students could buy two water balloons for a dollar to throw at instructors and other students. They raised $200 with this simple fundraiser. There are many ways to extend this fundraiser in order to raise more money: […]