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Card Display Fundraiser, aka Point of Sale (POS) Fundraising

Posted on 25 April 2006

A popular way to raise funds is to offer patrons of a store or restaurant the opportunity to purchase ‘cards’ for a minimum donation (usually one dollar) that are then placed on display. Usually the cards are in color and in the shape of something related to the organization, or a symbol such as a […]

Fundraising for Groups Outside the USA

Posted on 24 April 2006

One of the aspects of publishing this site that has continually amazed me is the number of readers from countries outside the USA. I’ve spoken with many activists, fundraisers and volunteers dedicated to a variety of causes from all over the world. Many of the same fundraising strategies that I write about apply to groups […]

Encouraging Youth Service

Posted on 21 April 2006

National and Global Youth Service Day is this weekend, April 21-23. Don’t be surprised if you see young people in your city doing trash pick-up, volunteering to help the elderly or going door to door collecting items for a food pantry. On Youth Service Day kids volunteer for a wide variety of service activities. This […]

Start Promoting Your Fundraising Event

Posted on 10 April 2006

Is it ever too early to start promoting a fundraising event? Nope… 🙂 Pet Peeves, Inc., an animal rescue support group on Long Island, NY, has a fundraising event set for September 13, 2006, still five months away. But they know that advance planning and promotion will payoff big when the event rolls around. On […]

Charity Golf Tournaments

Posted on 07 April 2006

Spring is in the air and so it is charity golf tournament season. Perhaps your group is in the process of getting ready for your own tournament, or maybe considering one for the future. (Fall is also a good time for tournaments as well!) Here’s some resources for charity golf tournaments that may be of […]