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The Generosity Factor

Posted on 22 November 2005

In the past few weeks I’ve heard several people speak about “donor fatigue,” or the opinion that the general public is becoming weary of receiving solicitations from non profit organizations. I would like to disagree and instead propose an alternative view, which I’ll call “The Generosity Factor” after a popular book with the same name. […]

Comedy Show Raises Funds for Children’s Hospital

Posted on 12 November 2005

The third annual stand-up comedy themed fundraiser called “Comics For Kids, Laughter Is The Best Medicine” raised over $10,000 for a Children’s Hospital. Find out the secrets to their fundraising success in this article. […]

Tips for Volunteer Programs

Posted on 03 November 2005

A solid volunteer program can contribute greatly to a nonprofit organization’s success and effectiveness. As Scott Winter of the Walker Art Center commented, “Volunteers can be a valuable asset to your work load and your bottom line.” So what should a nonprofit organization consider when establishing a volunteer program? […]