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Non Profit Boot Camp – San Francisco, CA

Posted on 27 September 2005

Craigslist Foundation is sponsoring a day long non profit conference. If you live near San Francisco or are able to travel this is a golden opportunity to learn more about fundraising, non profit management, marketing and more. […]

Silly Duct Tape Fundraiser

Posted on 23 September 2005

Students at an elementary school in Danbury, New Hampshire wanted to find a way to raise money for the Red Cross to help hurricane victims. Students decided to hold a “silly day” where teachers would dress in silly costumes if the individual classes met their fundraising goals. […]

The “Traveling Potty” Fundraiser

Posted on 19 September 2005

“The Traveling Potty” submitted by Dawn Turner-Dupuis was named the winner of the Unusual Fundraising Idea Contest. This entry was chosen because it is unusual, fun and really excites interest among those participating. It’s also great because it takes place over an extended period of time (not just one day) and is easy to plan […]

Fundraising Basics – People Asking People

Posted on 13 September 2005

Thought for the day from Marc Pitman… So much of fundraising is common sense. And so much of it is repetitive. Too often, we get bored and end up trying gimmicks and trinkets to raise more money. And that becomes addicting. Who’s doing what? Who’s mailing what? What gimmick will increase giving by a percentage […]

How to Apply for Grants

Posted on 12 September 2005

One of the questions that I occasionally get asked is how to find and apply for grants. There are actually many grant making institutions including foundations not associated with the government as well as grants available from the US government. […]

Where to donate for Hurricane Katrina relief?

Posted on 06 September 2005

As many of you know there are many worthy organizations that are helping the hundreds of thousands of people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Donations for hurricane Katrina relief continue to come in to help those effected by this disaster. The American Red Cross is the largest national organization that responds to natural disasters such as […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising Letters

Posted on 05 September 2005

In this program I answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to fundraising letters, including: How can the letter get the reader’s attention in the first sentence or paragraph? How do I know who to send the letter to? How can a group get corporate sponsors and what type of benefits should be […]