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Top 5 Easter Fundraising Ideas

Posted on 28 February 2005

So does your organization have any Easter fundraisers planned? There are lots of great Easter fundraising ideas that are easy and can be planned rather quickly. 1. Easter baskets — Create large easter baskets, not just kids baskets but some that grown ups will like too. Hold a raffle or silent auction for the baskets. […]

Valentine’s Date with a Pig

Posted on 24 February 2005

Recalling my single days, I can think of a few bachelors that the label ‘pig’ might have fit quite well. But for three teachers at a San Diego high school, their Valentine’s date really was a pig! Find out about this fun and unusual fundraiser, and see a photo of the famous pig: Kiss a […]

Getting Corporate Sponsors

Posted on 08 February 2005

In the February newsletter, sent last week, I talked about how to go about getting corporate sponsors. Here’s a exerpt: WHO to Ask for Corporate Sponsorships Always consider how your fundraising event or program will benefit the business. If a business does not have some kind of vested interest in your organization or event, it […]