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World Vision Responds to Tsunami

Posted on 07 January 2005

World Vision is one of the charities that has responded immediately to help disaster victims in this tragedy: This excert comes from a recent e-mail update from World Vision “In the past 11 days, World Vision has been carrying out organized and orderly distributions of survival packets containing food, clothing, bottled water, medicines, sleeping mats […]

Corporate Donations for Tsunami Relief

Posted on 05 January 2005

Many corporations and businesses are donating funds to aid in the tsunami relief efforts. Gates: Foundation Gives $3M To Tsunami Victims; Topped By Pfizer’s $35M Donation Corporations give to tsunami relief – From planes to pills, the world’s largest companies offer millions in cash, donations and services One of the best ways businesses can help […]

Governments Donate Big for Tsunami Relief

Posted on 05 January 2005

National governaments around the globe have pledged large sums toward relief efforts. So far the largest sum has been pledged by Australia — $810 million (USD). Germany $674 million Japan $500 million United States $350 million For more information: Leaders Tour Tsunami Areas, Up Donations

Donations for Asian Relief

Posted on 04 January 2005

The USA Freedom Corps has a very long list of humanitarian organizations that are assisting in the relief efforts for the Tsunami vicitms: The USA Freedom Corps

NEW – The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising, 2nd Edition

Posted on 02 January 2005

I’m kicking off the new year by offering a completely revised 2nd Edition of the e-book “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising.” So what’s new in this edition? These 5 Keys are in a sequential order beginning with the foundation that every fundraiser MUST have. Next you’ll find out about the three types of fundraisers, […]