Occasionally I hear from people who would like to fundraise to help someone who has financial needs because of a serious medical situation such as a cancer diagnosis or transplant.  Even with health insurance, facing the financial responsibility of paying for medical treatment can become overwhelming.

Here are seven guidelines to follow when raising funds for individuals:

1. Research all of your options

When a family is facing a financial hardship due to a serious medical situation, it is important to do some research before jumping into a fundraising effort. After exhausting health insurance options find out about other organizations that may be able to help:

  1. Hospital assistance – Speak to social services at the hospital who may be aware of financial resources, foundations and sources of financial help.
  2. Nonprofit health care – Is there a nonprofit hospital or clinic where the patient can get all or part of the care needed?  Speak to your physician about referrals to appropriate facilities.
  3. Government agencies – Your contact at the hospital may be able to refer you to government agencies that can provide services.
  4. Nonprofit organizations – Contact local charities and food banks that may offer “stop gap” assistance. There are some charities that are specifically set up to provide financial assistance for medical care. For example, The Chronic Disease Fund helps underinsured patients with chronic disease by providing funds to cover co-pays.  Heroes for Children is another organization that provides assistance to families within the state of Texas, with children (0-22 yrs of age) battling cancer.
  5. Family stay – Find out if there is a Ronald McDonald House or other family stay facility near the hospital which has free or low cost accommodations.  This can ease the financial burden when our of town hospital stays are required.

2. Be aware of legal issues

Donations that are given to an individual and not a registered charity are not tax deductible. It is best to let people know upfront that their donation is going to an individual and therefore there is no tax benefit for them.

Friends, family, co-workers and extended acquaintances may be willing to give out of pocket just because they care about the person and not be as concerned about tax benefits. People who are not acquainted with the individuals involved may be reluctant to donate to someone who is not a registered non profit organization.

If possible, partner with a non profit organization that can receive designated funds for the individual. Then donations can be designated as tax deductible by those who make donations.  A good place to start is a community foundation that serves your area.  (If you are not aware of one near you, just do a websearch using the words community foundation plus your city name.)

The Transplant Fund helps transplant and catastrophic injury patients afford critical but uninsured medically related expenses through fundraising guidance, patient support and resources, as well as financial assistance.  The Children’s Organ Transplant Association is another organization that provides financial support for transplant patients. A local community foundation may also be able to help manage your fund account.  Just Google the words community foundation plus your city name to find one near you.

3. Understand what motivates donors

Many people will want to make sure that all of their donation goes directly to help the person in need. Donation request letters are especially good for this reason, as there are very little expenses unlike events and product sales.

Also realize that fundraising may not be appropriate in every situation. Medical expenses must be quite extensive to warrant fundraising. For example, asking for help when a child gets a cast for a broken arm will not likely motivate people to donate because the need is not as great as a life threatening illness.

4. Appeal to individuals, not businesses

When seeking donations for an event appeal to individuals rather than directly to businesses. Corporations are usually concerned with making sure their donation is going to an organization that has government oversight, as well as a group that has the tax deductible donation benefits.

Your circle of friends may be able to get donations from their place of business since they have influence with their employers that outsiders do not have.  So try to appeal to businesses through their employees.

5. Fundraising events rally the community

Fundraising events such spaghetti dinners can also be a good way to raise money.  As with all fundraising events it is important to get just about every thing donated, and even more so when fundraising for individuals – food, location, decorations, and prizes. Survey your extended circle of contacts and ask them to donate supplies and prizes.

6. Make it easy for people to donate

Finally, make it as easy for people to donate. Offer as many ways as possible for people to help the family that is in need of money for their medical expenses. Explain how donations can be made and include contact information on all materials.

  • Set up a separate bank account just for donations
  • In letter appeals give the name and address of the bank location(s) in case people want to make donations directly at the bank
  • In letter requests include a pre-addressed envelope for those who would like to donate by mail
  • Fundraising events offer multiple opportunities for people to donate anonymously such as donation boxes, raffles, and opportunities to “round up” ticket purchases.


Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

Three Ways to Help:

1. Make a deposit to the bank account set up especially to help defray medical costs. Go to National Bank, 1500 Travis Street, Anytown USA and let them know that you would like to make a deposit to the account of Jane Smith.

2. Mail your donation with check made out to Jane Smith to 7859 Oak Strett, Anytown USA

3. Attend our spaghetti dinner event on January 24, 2006. Tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. Besides the dinner there will also be raffles, games and other fun activities for the whole family. If you have any questions about the fundraising efforts to help Jane Smith, please contact her friend Sally Johnson at 210-555-1234.

7. Online fundraising to reach out of town supporters

One way to make donating easy for those who want to help is to set up a way to accept donations online.  Then people who live near and far can donate securely online.  If you are working with a nonprofit to manage your fund then speak with them about this first.  They may have an online donation system already set up.  If they don’t then you’ll need to work with them to set one up.

While there are many online donation providers, many will only work with registered charities.  So this is a question you need to ask straight away when researching these options.  One provider that helps people raising funds for individuals is GiveForward.  This system will let you raise funds for any cause, including medical expenses.  One family’s efforts to raise funds online for a kidney transplant was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune.


When raising funds for individuals keep these factors in mind. Exhaust all usual financial aid services before going the fundraising route. Be mindful of legal and financial implications of fundraising, and plan fundraising activities have the lowest cost and most impact so that funds raised can go directly to those persons in need.

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Posted on 05 May 2009

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104 Comments For This Post

  1. Joe says:

    Great post, Sandra. Working here in a hospital as I do, we get lots of questions from individuals about how they can raise money to help loved ones. You offer some very sounds advice!

    Let me offer one more. Here in Boston there have been several high profile scams involving fundraisers for sick individuals who turned out not to be sick at all. It’s an unfortunate happening that hurts everyone. But it does highlight the importance of bringing together a large group of people from different walks of life to support, advocate and fundraise for the patient. Not only will this make your fundraiser more successful, but a large group of supporters will give the fundrasier credibility with those who simply don’t know the recipient very well. The larger the circle, the more people in it.

  2. Sandra Sims says:

    Joe – Thanks for your suggestions. That is a great point about bringing in lots of support to enhance the credibility of the effort.

  3. Val says:

    Are the donated monies taxable income to the person for whom the money was raised?

  4. Sandra Sims says:

    Whether the money is handled through a nonprofit organization or foundation or not it may still be taxable as income. For more info I would recommend checking with an accountant and/or legal professional.

  5. Sheila Bauer-Gatsos says:

    Thanks–this is good information as we’re preparing an event for my brother. Do you know if there’s a rule of thumb to estimate attendance at an event based on the number invited? I know that for weddings, they say to expect 30% not to attend. What about for benefit/fundraisers?

  6. Ellie says:

    I have heard there may be problems using a nonprofit as a conduit for funds. If the nonprofit is not a medical organization, and money is used soley for medical expenses, is that a violation of some sort?

  7. Sandra Sims says:

    Ellie – you’re on the right track. Funds can’t be funneled through just any nonprofit organization. This type of service has to be somehow tied to the organization’s mission (which is approved by their board and governmental agencies). Activities that fall outside the nonprofit’s core purpose can lead to what’s called “mission drift” and possibly legal issues. Example: Lack of Oversight can Damage Your Nonprofit’s Long-Term Funding & Survival Nonprofits are wise to consult with qualified experts i.e. an attorney if administering medical funds is not something they have done before. (Disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer!)

  8. Sharon says:

    On the 24th of January this year we will be beginning fundraising efforts for our son who was entered today (Jan 14, 2010) on the transplant list for a kidney and pancreas. Due to a botched diagnosis – we had no warning. We partnered with our church with the men’s group and youth group pitching in to help host/serve a chili fundraiser. The next one will be at a Veteran’s service organization, the 3rd one will be at another church and the 4th one at the Elks. He was laid off Oct 14, 2009, diagnosed on Nov 25th, met with the transplant team Dec 23 and placed on the list today. It has been stressful, hopeful, and complicated. We partnered with these organizations so that people WOULD know it is not a scam and for real. I am so grateful that my son can live, and torn because someone has to die so that he can live. The outpouring of support restores my faith in mankind. We know he will have to pay taxes, and we have figured that into the amount we need to carry him through the next 6 months. Keep records, records, receipts and more records because you will need them at tax time!!!!

  9. Sandra Sims says:

    Sharon – thank you for sharing. What a roller coaster it must have been the past few months. It sounds like you and your son are taking a positive outlook despite difficult situation. Thanks for adding some advice too about record keeping for others who might be in a similar situation. I wish you all the best with you fundraisers and especially pray for a hopeful outcome for the your son with a successful transplant.

  10. Amber says:

    My mother was diagnosed, three times now, with primary hyperparathyroidism. The condition is not well known of. Her doctor had to consult with other doctors because they had no idea what it was. I did some reasearch and learned a lot about the disease and it’s affects. She has had it for years now and her symptoms are getting to the point she is having a hard time functioning. She has so much bone pain she can barely walk sometimes. She doesn’t eat much, she can’t sleep, she is losing her hair and her voice, she’s tired all the time, she can’t controll her body temperature, she’s short of breath and dizzy, she has near constant headaches, her blood pressure is incredibly high and variable, and she has to be on pain killers 24/7 just to survive. She was previously not one to be ill or go to the doctor. Since her doctor doesn’t know much he referred who to an endocrinologist, who unfortunately doesn’t know that much either, but he referred her to a general surgeon. The problem with a general surgeon is: #1 he doesn’t specialize in the surgery she needs to remove the parathyroid tumor(s) #2 if he uses standard surgical proceedures she is at a higher risk for blood clots, coupled with the fact that we have a family history of two different types of blood clotting disorders (G20210A and Factor 5 Leiden activated) #3 Standard surgical proceedures aren’t as effective for removal of the parathyroids as they are generally the size of a grain of rice #4 standard surgical proceedures have a higher incidence of a slew of incredible complications. We found a doctor who can do a MIRP (Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroidectomy) proceedure, but he is not in our “network” and he’s in Florida and we live in Michigan. If we were to go out on our own to have this highly successfull specialist do the surgery my mother needs it will cost approx. $15,000 or more. Money we don’t have. My father already works two jobs. Is there a way to know or to guarantee that if we were to get donations from individuals at our church it wouldn’t be seen as taxable income? If no, then how much tax do they charge? Would we be able to just go above the amount needed in order to cover the taxes? What do we do if we ask for donations and receive more than we need? Could we start an organization to help other’s in the same situation? Part of our problem is that it is such a rare thing that there aren’t any organizations we’ve found that are dedicated to helping this particular disease, or that specialize in this area.

  11. Maria says:

    During this time that we are experiencing economic crisis, we need to give a helping hand to people who are in need. All points cited above are the basics, but the most important points that we should always remember when we are making donations to either individual or to a non profit organization.

  12. Joni says:

    Hi there

    I have an item donated by a famous friend that will raise alot of money. I would like to offer this as an online raffle.

    I’m in Australia and plan to offer this option world-wide as this famous person has a load of fans.

    Can I run an online raffle, then donate the proceed to an ill baby I support? It’s for her medical fun and the parents are in the process of registering as a NP. I just wanted to confirm I could run the raffle for the item I personally have, then donate 100% of the raffle tix money to her.

  13. Cathy says:

    Thank you for your insightful and informative report. I work in for a company that provides alternative medical care for patients which is not covered by health insurance. Our treatment has helped many patients, however, cost can be problamatic for those individuals who really need the treatment and cannot afford it.

    I am constantly looking for ways to help our patients obtain funding for treatment and will refer them to this article for further information. Thank you for all that you do.

  14. Sarah says:

    I am hoping to have small raffle ($100 value) within a group of friends (100 people) to help raise money for a friend in California who is having a liver tranasplant. I’m wondering if it’s okay to do so?

  15. Sandra Sims says:

    Cathy – thank you for your comments! Wishing you much continued success in the valuable work that you do.

    Sarah – raffles usually need to be run through a registered charity. Laws vary by country, state (or province), county and city. So there are a lot of levels of regulations that you need to check before proceeding. There are links to most state laws here. I would recommend that you contact the Transplant Fund for additional info about fundraising.

  16. Arshad Ali says:

    We need medicine for our brother which costly & we cannot afford to provide them to my brother on regular basis. Thus i wish too seek some medicine for him. Kindly let me know how can i fund raise for his medication? I mean on which website i can put request for his medicine & what others steps i should follow. Kindly guide me in this regard.

    My brother needs medicine 350 mg (175+175) Cap.Sandimmune (Neoural) per day which cost almost 14500/- per month in Pakistani rupees & he will take it for rest of his life. As he has new kidney after kidney transplant which was donated by me, brother health is mot so good because he could not get medicine on regular basis.

    Arshad from Pakistan
    Email: arshad_so@yahoo.com
    Cell# 0092-3335991730

  17. kelly says:

    A friend of a friend knows a family who needs help financially because of a medical crisis, a fundraiser is being planned and I would like to donate but am not sure how to tactfully inquire how the money will be utilized. Since the premise of the fundraiser is for medical reasons, how do I guarantee the money isn’t going to be spent on non-medical “things”?

  18. Arshad Ali says:

    I have already put a request for my brother medication on this page. I can provide more information about my brother along with his pictures if some one ask me. As I have already written that he has new kidney after kidney transplantation & now he needs medicine of 14500/- per month in Pakistani rupees (350 mg Cap.Sandimmune Neoural per day). He will take it for rest of his life.
    I hope some one will reply me very soon.
    Sincere regards,
    Email. arshad_so@yahoo.com (this is my email address sorry for the first one)
    Cell# 0092-3335991730

  19. Sandra Sims says:

    Arshad – Step by Step Fundraising is not a foundation, we do not have funds to provide. This article is for information on fundraising.

  20. Arshad Ali says:

    Dear Sandra,
    Thanks allot for your message. How may I seek funds for my brother medicine? Hope you will facilitate me.

  21. Karen Scribner says:

    Referring to Jan 23 2010 post: My friend in WA (central, at the border with OR) had the parathyroid problem. Her doctor there did a fast simple surgery like the doctor in FL does. I hope my now you have been able to gather information and find a local doctor who can do the simple surgery. It just takes one or two times to learn any surgery — the doctors’ mantra is “watch one, do one, teach one”. The FL doctor’s website is very informative.

  22. Kent Nelson says:

    Great Article. I am trying to help a local non-profit determine what the average amount typically raised by an individual throwing a benefit for a sick person in the US. Is there any statistics on this o what someone could expect if they threw a benefit for someone?

  23. Sandra Sims says:

    I have not seen any statistics to that effect. You might contact the Transplant Fund, they may have some insight for you.

  24. Heather says:

    1)Are there limits to how many times an individual may raise money for the same cause?
    2) For instance, can a person have 3 separate benefits to offset the cost of medical care-but all the money goes to the same person?
    3) Can the person/patient involved be the one to raise the money or does someone else, legally, have to over see since it is the patient that would receive the monies involved?
    4) Do the laws change by state?

    Thank you!

  25. Sandra Sims says:

    Sorry, I wouldn’t have any answers to these legal questions. You can try the Transplant Fund first since they are sort of the experts on this, GiveForward.org or of course an attorney.

  26. rebecca says:

    Hi… I have a friend who has been diagnosed with macular degeneration… the more time goes by the more she’s loosing her eyesight!…. I was thinking of trying some fundraising to help her as I know she needs 10,000 euro to do the stem cell operation in germany — however since it’s a new find the health insurance won’t cover its costs… My friend doesn’t know about this fundraising idea I have… however I’m sure she needs the money… and I’m sure she’d be over joyed if she could do the stem cell operation… the problem is I doubt she’ll allow me to say it’s for her… what i mean is i could say it’s for a macular degeneration person but cannot give her name out… Any advice??!

  27. Danielle says:

    Hi I have a question for you. I have spinal muscular atrophy type 3. There is stem cell therapy available in China that could greatley improve my quality of life. It runs about 40,000 for the trip becasue it’s a month stay and the treatment. How is it even possible to raise that type of money.
    Thank You

  28. rosilyn says:

    My sister is in the hospital. They haven given up on her, but I haven’t, my faith with God. If we want to have her transfered back home it will cost almost 9000. I dont have that kind of money. We dont have any family here. Any government program that will work.

  29. ann says:

    What happens if you have a fund raiser dinner and raise alot of money then the church you belong to takes over and puts the money in a bank account and still has not givin the family the money or any information on the account. isn’t that a crime..

  30. Melissa says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for this article, it was very helpful! I am researching ideas on how to raise money for my neighbor. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and as of today, was given 2 weeks to live. He and his wife have custody of their 2 small grandchildren and no medical insurance. I am leaning towards having a pasta supper at the local Italian American Club, but how do I tactfully request donations without saying those above things as to not “air their dirty laundry” so to speak?

  31. Rebecca says:

    I am working on planning a fundraising benefit for a friend with cancer. I think we’ve found an appropriate nonprofit partner, but I wondered– if we didn’t have one, does the person who *collects* the funds on behalf of the sick person have to declare it as income?

    I know the beneficiary has to declare the gifts as income. But if, for example, I collected the money so that I could pay the expenses for the event and then gave the remainder to my friend, would I also have to declare that money as income because it was in my care for a little while, even though I wouldn’t be keeping any of it?

    Obviously the nonprofit partner would be far preferable; I’m just wondering how people handle it when they don’t have one.

  32. Carolyn says:


    I am interested in everyones comments and help. I am a 40 year old woman, who for the last 3 years has been battling with an extremely rare auto-immune disease which is mainly attacking my lungs, but also causing severe migraines and blood clots, and we all seem to wonder what next. It is now early December and this year I have had 8 severe bouts of pneumonia which put me in hospital. The Respiratory Physician has started washing my lungs out the last couple of times, and he gets about 80ml of pus out of the washings. Yuck!

    I live with my husband and 3 children. A daughter (14), son (9), and daughter (5). My migraines and general health is so bad that I am unable to reliably supervise the younger childen, therefore we need to have a nanny. I certainly am not able to drive the care anymore. The amount of painkillers I am on is scary.

    My problem is that I find it difficult to walk up the stairs, especially carrying something. I would have a better quality of life if we had a lift installed in our house. The cost of a lift is $50 000AU I have no concept how you go about raising such a huge amount. We have of course looked into the other options – move house, the stair lifters you stand on. Ultimately I will need to be in a wheelchair so it makes sense to put in a lift now. We feel that the children have so much stress in their lives dealing with a sick mother, to deal with a house move and school move is just something they can do without. All the houses in our area would require a life. The other thing that needs consideration is my husband needs to be close to his work, and it is mainly old houses close to his work, all requiring lifts,

    I have extensively looked into whether we are elegible for any government support. Unfortunately ….. no. To make our tale even happier, last year our house was flooded with 2 feet of water, plus sewerage. The State Government was doing a road building project, and the people that they had got to do the building had built a metre high dam wall to protect their stuff … hence flooding our house. Of course, no one will actually admit it is as simple as this though. And as we don’t have thousands of dollars to sue, they get away with it scott free. But in the mean time, we have had to move out of it while it is being fixed. So we pay rent and a mortage, drive a very long way to get our kids to school, and have to pay to get the house fixed.

    So we would like to try and raise money to put a lift in. Possible or not? What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated.


  33. Lynne says:

    Hello, regarding No. 6 (setting up a separate account): Wouldn’t this create a tax problem for the person setting it up? The bank would have that person’s name on file, but that person would only be accepting donations on the sick person’s behalf. Or should the account be set up in the sick friend’s name? This is unclear. I’m sure you must have attorneys who can provide detailed info instead of saying “be mindful of legal and financial implications …”. Details are what are needed. Should the account be set up in the friend’s name, then? What’s best? And are all donations (which are gifts) considered taxable income for the sick friend? Thanks.

  34. Sundar Chandra Bhattarai says:

    I would like to appeal to very very native australian, american, british, danish, people to give me money generously. I have reason for it. Please contact me by email. My email address is bsundarchandra@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.

  35. John Johnson says:

    My question is, I am seeking funds for a medical procedure and medical pump, I have a website on a web-store site that sells my designs (cafePress), can I solicit to purchase items from there with the funds raised to go for my medical procedure and equipment and yes I have written CafePress to ask this question as well, my insurance company doesn’t cover the pump after you turn 21 yrs old and I’m also jobless now, I had two jobs to fund this, one job fired me because their policy and procedures limits you to one job at all times, the other job couldn’t afford me anymore, salary to high not enough work so they put me on-call. Much appreciate your comments.


    John L.Johnson

  36. Allan says:

    I quess I will never understand what motivates people. I got sick 7 yrs ago, doctor told me in his office [he was about 70, I was 53 at the time]
    “young man, you heard of the Titanic, well you have hit the iceberg, and the odds of the people who were on the Titanic are the odds that I give you”. Well that was eye opening and made my problem very real to me. To make a long story short, I am still here and kicking. But that’s just the start of what I want to say. After I got sick I was placed on permanent disability, $1000 a month, not a lot, but I could cover my medical insurance, meds that I take, pay car insurance, and weekly groceries. So it was my way of helping out around here with some expences. My wife was the main bread winner, but now my wife has been diagonised with a rare cancer, and caught in time, by the wonderfull doctors and staff of the Mayo-Clinic in Rochester MN. I can not say enough good things about the people or the clinic.
    Mean while my wifes boss dismissed her from work; BY E-MAIL, after 7 yrs of service starting up the company he now has that is making millons and has a staff of people in-part to the hard work of my wife who started as his only employee. Thank a lot boss, but there is no recourse living in a state like GA that is a right to work state. [another twist of a law that does not mean what you think it does, which really means you can be fired for no reason at all, and anyone else has the "right to work your job"]
    So now that we lost my wifes income and she is now placed on disability, we can’t make out payments. To many to list here, but no loans, I am talking about household expenses.
    MY POINT TO ALL THIS IS: my wife posted on line at one of these sites to help sick people in need, and so far one very kind person donated $20. And to that person a send a heartfelt thank you. MEAN WHILE the grandmother on a school bus being called names and bullied by indignant childern of rich people had a web site started for her by a very kind person and has received over $600.000 dollars!! I am happy for her, what was done to her was so wrong in every way, and I hope that she uses the money wisely to enjoy the rest of her time on earth in a happy and healthy way. But yet to my sick wife, that if everyone reading this, or hearing about this on a tv program gave one dollar, one dollar, my wife and I would not have to be selling everything we worked for for the last 40 yrs for. I just don’t understand people.

  37. Allan says:

    I apologize for my misspellings in the last post, I am dyslexsic . But that’s another story.

  38. Sandra says:

    Allan, as my parents are going through their own serious health issues with the financial issues that follow, I can empathize with your sentiments. Often it is a matter of setting up the online fundraiser at a site that will have the most exposure. It is possible that not many people have seen the request. Then you have to send out the request to people that you personally know via email, social media and word of mouth. People are more likely to donate to someone they know or a “friend of a friend.” Have you visited http://GiveForward.org? That is the site I recommend for these types of fundraisers.

  39. Jessica s says:

    I just hosted a fundraiser for a friend who has lukekmia but I’m now unsure what to do with the $$ I want to make sure the money raised will go towards the persons medical expenses. What can I do ??

  40. curtis hudson says:

    On January the 11th,2010, at approx. 9am my wife sat up in the bed and clutched her chest, Five minutes later she was on her way to the emergency room, the victim of a ruptured heart valve. my wife was given a 10% chance to live, and underwent emergency surgery. This would prove tobe only one of two surgeries after they found blood clots on both sides of her heart, a leaking vain and an additional tear on the bottom of her heart, after the repairs to the main valve to the top of her heart. Two months earlier my wife had surgery on both knees. Her employer layed her off after she had worked as a nurse for over 30 years, with a degree in social sience. I have a degree in culinary arts and even worked for some time training at risk client for a better way of life, we owned a small bakery, which I closed to become the homecare provider for my wife. my wife spent two months in a coma and at some point every organ in her body failed to some degree, I sat beside my wife 24 hours a day when ever possible, the greatest gift I could ever recieve was to see my wife open her eyes, it has taken over a year but after every type of therapy known to man my wife has learned to fuction to alarge degree on her own, yes she had to learn to breath, eat,talk,move her arms, and is on the path to walking. I’m a retired Marine,so Tricare covers most of our medical needs, but the copays remains in the thousands. this is why two people who have dedicated thier live to service are now asking for a little help. and please believe me when I say it’s not a handout we’re looking for, but God knows we could surely use a hand. Thank-U.

  41. Debbie says:

    You mention in your article under (2. Be aware of legal issues) that you should partner with a nonprofit organization so they can receive designated funds for the individual and thus make it tax deductible to the donor. But in fact, the IRC code does not permit deductions for donations to nonprofit organizations unless they are for the ‘masses’ and not earmarked for a certain individual.

  42. nicole says:

    Hi I really was hoping to find out what autoimmune disease Carolyn from the December 4 2011 8:14am had because my symptoms are similar and I have been undiagnosed for 9 years I would really appreciate it if you could give the name.
    thank you

  43. Kristen says:

    We have family friends whose child was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he is going through radiation and chemo therapy. They do not have health insurance and they are working with the state of California applying for state assistance, however that does not completely solve their financial issue. The community that we live in have been donating money to help the family with such things as food, bill paying, etc..

    My question is, what can we do to set up a legal entity to help collect money. I am very familiar with 501(c)3 charities, I have set up multiple foundations, but how do you help a specific individual? I did notice the advice about the a bank account, but can that be used for anything? Is that taxable income?

    I appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide! Thank you so much!

  44. jolan says:

    For people who really need help this is AWSOME!!! and very much appreciated. But i have an issue here in texas the is a woman lying about medical conditions like having her gall bladder removed and other supposed conditions. 6 years ago she already had her gall bladder removed. She is putting flyers all over my town for benefit charity dances and things of this sort… what can i do to put a stop to her lies and theft? For people who truely need help this is unfair. Thank you Sincerely jolan

  45. cindy says:

    Had a fund raiser for a friend with breast cancer. Her income was cut inhalf due to missing work. Can the money be used for ANY expense or medical only?

  46. Rachel says:

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  71. andrea.bachmann says:

    P E T I T I O N
    For Mr. Ramakrishna (Krishna) CHOLLANGE

    ACCIDENT : 17th September 2012
    For some ten years it had been Krishna’s SEVA to install the decorations for the GANESH CHATURTHI FESTIVAL in Chitravathi Road, Puttaparthi, opposite Hanuman’s Hill Rock Café. Over the years he had elaborated an exact plan with the length and width of the necessary iron pipes.
    For the 2012 Festival some young men asked to take over that particular SEVA. However, they lacked Krishna’s technique and experience.

    At 11h00p.m. on 17th September, Mr. Chakri (who no longer resides in Puttaparthi) phoned Krishna asking for help, assuring him that the Electric Power was CUT OFF. By 11h15p.m. Krishna had already climbed to the top to fix a rod properly, when suddenly the Electric Power CAME ON, for a fraction of
    a second only, but sufficient for the 11KW High Tension Power Line (!) to electrocute Krishna, who fell down some 10 feet onto the street with :

    - Immense feeling of burning throughout his entire body
    - Total loss of consciousness
    - Injuries on head, right thigh and foot
    - Miraculously no broken bones …
    - Completely covered with blood
    - Feared dead

    After his fall the power CAME ON for good.
    The two or three fellows who were below Krishna jumped down and only slightly injured ran away
    in total panic together with the onlookers who were all afraid that the entire structure might collapse.
    Somebody (?) took Krishna by Auto-Rickshaw to the Prashanti Nilayam GENERAL HOSPITAL where,
    after a telephone call to the Ashram Trust, permission was kindly granted for First Aid Admission at
    that late hour.
    There was NO Police intervention, NO Police Registration – as a result NO Police Accident Report
    is available today.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL : 17th September

    Due to the GANESH CHATURTHI Holidays there was apparently no Doctor on site that night – until late afternoon the following day. The Nurses on Duty tried their best with totally unconscious Krishna :

    - Giving Intraveinous infusion
    - Treating his Head injury (some 8 stitches)
    - Rubbing the burnt Skin with “cold cream”
    - Bandaging both burnt Arms & Hands
    - Injured right Thigh and Foot were not bandaged

    They assumed he was to succumb to his injuries.

    The Doctor on Duty arrived at the end of the Afternoon Bhajans and suggested to transfer the patient
    to Anantapur or Bangalore since both Puttaparthi Hospitals are not equipped for severe burning cases.
    But ahead of the Doctor, Krishna’s elder brother and wife had arrived from Bangalore and they had already hired an Ambulance from the Super Speciality Hospital to take their seriously wounded brother to the VYDEHI Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre in Whitefield, where both are employed
    (non-medical staff).


    The Ramachandra CHOLLANGE Family from the RAJAMUNDRI Region in Andhra Pradesh moved to Puttaparthi in 1991 to be close to Sri Sathya Sai Baba with their four children :
    1 – 1979 birth of son VEERBABU (married to Seewa Shree – 1 boy)
    2 – 1982 birth of daughter RAMALAKSHMI (married – 2 boys)
    3 – 1985 birth of son RAMAKRISHNA (married to Nagaveni – 1 girl)
    4 – 1989 birth of son GANESH (single)
    After arrival, all four children attended school at the foreign managed Orphanage in Samadhi Road,
    2nd Cross, where their mother SUCHETRA found employment as a Cook and Daily help.
    Their father worked as a Carpenter but with little work in Puttaparthi in those early days, he eventually moved to Bangalore for better remunerated working conditions .
    In 1994 their loving mother (born on Sankranti !) who had never complained, was suddenly taken to
    the General Hospital where she died one week later (circulatory problems ?).
    A month after her death, their father returned to Puttaparthi and the two older sons left the Orphanage to live with him, but in less than one year he went back to work in Bangalore. Abandoned young Krishna and Veerbabu survived doing little jobs.
    In Bangalore their father remarried and he returned with a very young wife (born in 1974), who gave birth to a daughter in Puttaparthi in 1997. Family conditions with the young step-mother became tense and the two boys moved out for good.
    Nowadays, the about 60-year old father lives with his second family near RAJAMUNDRI . Expecting financial support from his children, no help can be obtained from him. Married sister RAMALAKSHMI,
    preoccupied with her own problems, lives in VISAKHAPATNA (AP). Younger brother GANESH, still single,
    (born on Ganesh Chaturthi !) lives with Krishna’s Family and is employed as a Driver at the Ashram.


    Born on 25th December 1985 (Christmas !) he married NAGAVENI, born on 24.7.1987, from Rajamundri in 2010. Their daughter SHIVANI, born on 3.3.2011 (Shivarathri !) was just over 18 months old when “the” accident happened.
    As a very young boy Krishna was selling postcards in the street and later he learnt to be a Carpenter. Among other items he manufactured the small wooden “Swami Chairs” still sold in some local shops.
    To make ends meet he occupied himself also with Taxi Reservations, Real Estate Sales, Foreign Money Exchange and even Tourist Guiding.
    At present his wish and intention of resuming the Carpenter job is simply NOT possible without an adequate PROSTHESIS – and his previous additional Puttaparthi Business activities have become more difficult to obtain since BHAGAWAN’s SAMADHI.
    His charming young wife wishes to continue her studies (that also require financing) to become a
    teacher and assist her life-long handicapped husband financially.

    VYDEHI INSTITUTE of Medical Sciences & Research Centre – WHITEFIELD (Bangalore)
    18th September – 30th November 2012

    Around midnight, when the Ambulance with totally unconscious Krishna (accompanied by his two brothers and sister-in-law) reached the VYDEHI HOSPITAL in Whitefield, admission was refused at first.
    Only thanks to the intervention of Dr. GANESH, Head of the Cancer Dept., who personally took the responsibility, Krishna was taken to the EMERGENCY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT (under the care of Junior Dr. SATHYA). He became patient No. 2176453.

    19th September
    In the morning of 19th September, after about 30 hours, the Puttaparthi bandages were removed.
    The wounds appeared to be totally infected – smelly and extremely watery.
    Serious and multiple attempts to heal the infection unfortunately failed and to avoid the gangrene
    from spreading further TWO AMPUTATIONS became necessary :
    1. 24th September – Right upper limb through elbow joint
    2. 26th September – Left foot middle toe
    Additional operations were undertaken for the large areas of burnt skin to be grafted with Calagim
    (also known as cat skin?). Krishna underwent a total of 6 (six) operations, performed by
    Dr. M.S. GOPAL RAJ
    MBBS, MS, M.ch. MRCS (Aus)
    Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

    Photocopies of the Hospital File are in Krishna’s possession and can be consulted any time (445 pages):

    5 pages Certificates
    12 Admission Record – Initial Assessment Forms
    26 Pre Anaesthesia Check up – Anaesthesia Consent – Anaesthesia Monitoring
    31 Consent for Surgery – Pre Operation Check List – Operation Record
    30 TPR Chart-Doctor’s Treatment – Medication Chart
    99 Progress Record-by Doctor
    136 Nurses Notes SEP (44) – OCT (52) – NOV (40)
    17 Intensive Care Unit – Intake & Output Record
    10 Blood Bank – Blood Pressure, etc. Record
    14 Laboratory Diagnostics
    6 Electrocardiograms – Chest Radiodiagnosis (+ 2 X-Ray Films)
    59 Medical Prescriptions – Invoices – Receipts
    445 pages Total

    The reconstruction of his LEFT ARM & HAND was done in stages. Still without much strength, the mobility of arm, wrist and fingers has improved slightly.
    The present physical pain ought to decrease completely within 2 years.
    There will remain a 40% PERMANENT DISABILITY of the LEFT HAND.

    The RIGHT THIGH & FOOT have healed and the amputated middle Toe does not cause any difficulty
    for normal walking.

    On 15th June 2013 a stiff artificial RIGHT ARM & HAND was offered to Krishna by Indian and Polish devotees. Unfortunately it has no useful function and is purely cosmetic. Also, it really is not at all practical and quite heavy once fixed with a special belt and straps. After a while it becomes painful.


    Mr. D.K. AUDIKESAVULU, Chairman of VYDEHI Institute, a faithful devotee and ex-cardiac patient at
    the Super Speciality Hospital, took the necessary steps to ensure that Krishna was NOT going to be charged for the Hospital OPERATIONS and TREATMENTS. Sadly, he passed away in 2013.

    The MEDICAL expenses were covered with the contributions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.
    So far they have amounted to some Rs. 2 Lakh, including various Transportation fees.
    Since December 2012, unable to travel alone, accompanied by his wife and little daughter, Krishna has gone eleven times to Whitefield by local bus (150km) for check-ups and additional treatments.

    Being a physically handicapped person, he is entitled to a monthly GOVERNMENT PENSION of Rs. 500/- (five hundred) to be collected from the MANDAL PANCHAYAT Office at ENUMULAPALLI.

    Once the photocopies of the VYDEHI Institute File were in his possession, Krishna went to HINDUPUR with the help of a friend, for REGISTRATION at the July 2013 monthly District Government Hospital Camp. After waiting in a long line of at least another 100 disabled people, his Ration & ID Cards were registered and 2 photographs taken of him.

    To this day, in spite of going to ENUMULAPALLI every Monday since the 3-month official waiting-time has elapsed, he has NOT yet received one single “Paisa”.
    Most likely the payments will NOT be retro-active.
    This frustrating situation may partly be caused by the huge administrative backlog due to the many long and serious political strikes opposing the division of Andhra Pradesh, wanted by the TELENGANA Region.

    Krishna hopes to be taken to HINDUPUR again in February 2014 to speed up the procedure, if at all possible.


    “endolite’ is the Indian top Company for High Technology PROSTHETIC & ORTHOTIC PRODUCTS.
    The most sophisticated (Bionic) UPPER LIMB PROSTHESIS, costing Rs. 20 LAKH, is obviously out of reach.

    For Krishna’s case, “endolite” in Bangalore prepared the attached quote of Rs. 6 LAKH for an UPPER LIMB PROSTHESIS – ABOVE ELBOW MYO-ELECTRIC HAND.
    Once the requested 50% Deposit is paid, 3 weeks will be necessary for its fitment. See final 6 pages.

    In case the TOTAL necessary funds for this offer are impossible to be raised locally and in order to avoid exorbitant Banking fees, it is advisable to transfer helpful foreign financial contributions by
    “Western Union” to : Ramakrishna CHOLLANGE
    3/775/D Sri Sai Abhayam Apartments
    Puttaparthi, Anantapur, A.P. 515 134

    Mobile tel No. (0091) 91 77 030 527 & E-mail address : krishnaptp@gmail.com


    These pages are clearly NOT meant to accuse anybody of anything !
    What happened, was meant to happen and can not be changed …

    All the detailed described Facts and mentioned Figures are simply brought to your kind attention
    with the ONE AND ONLY purpose of hopefully raising the necessary Rs. 6 LAKH for his Operation.
    Unfortunately, this amount is clearly beyond the financial possibilities of all the kind people who
    have helped Krishna so far.

    Ramakrishna CHOLLANGE is totally without bitterness and above all most grateful to GOD
    for still being ALIVE. Confident, very eager to resume work “normally”, he never complains
    and hopes for a better future.

    PLEASE let us all help him.


    Puttaparthi, January 2014
    (total 13 pages)

    Note : Rs. 6 LAKH = Rs. 600’000/-
    Rs. 6 LAKH = approx. EUR 7’100.00 (at 8.40)

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