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February 2008

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- 5 Tips for Choosing a Special Event

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Perhaps you're looking for a fun, new event that will raise funds for your group and really catch on with your audience. Read on for tips and ideas to make your fundraising event a success...


5 Tips for Choosing a Special Event

by Sandra Sims

"Walk a mile in my shoes" took on a whole new meaning at an unusual charity walk fundraiser last spring. The event challenged several hundred men to walk in women's high heel shoes for one mile around a track.

Proceeds went to three Milwaukee area organizations that provide domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs.

This event illustrates several great fundraising strategies:

1. Be creative. Do something different and your event will stand out from the crowd. Something unusual will be more likely to get attention and publicity. Naturally, hundreds of men walking around in stilettos attracted some media attention.

2. Match the event to the mission. These organizations that primarily serve women chose an appealing theme complimentary to their cause. With the role reversal it highlighted the fact that abuse is an issue that's just as important to men as it is to women.

3. Match the event with your audience. What type of event would your supporters find most appealing? It's important to choose something that your members will enjoy.

4. Partner with other organizations. In the Milwaukee event three groups joined forces to raise awareness and funds. They were able to distribute the work load and have a greater impact by working together.

5. Consider a long term approach. How does the event fit into your fundraising plans for the rest of the year? Is it an event that can be repeated, an annual event that can grow each year? The first Walk a Mile event was so successful that the next one is coming up on May 4th.


7 Fundraising Event Ideas

Going along with our special events theme this month, I thought I'd highlight some event ideas from our archives. One of these events might be great for your organization. Or at the least, you might find a strategy or tip in one of these articles to help in whatever event you do.

Celebrity Go-Kart Challenge - This is a fun event that would be good for a variety of groups.

Belgian Waffle Fundraiser - Pancakes are passé. Serve fancy waffles at your breakfast fundraiser instead.

Auctions - Auctions can be added on to a variety of other special events.

Volleyball Tournament - Sports tournaments can be a fun way to raise funds and build community spirit.

Used Book Sales - A book sale is a great match for a library, school or literacy council.

Burrito Bingo - Another dinner fundraiser with a twist.

Dance Marathons - Great for organizations with a young, high energy group of supporters.


To Your Continued Fundraising Success,

Sandra Sims
Editor & Publisher
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