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  4. pastor Honary says:

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  7. Pastor Ssenyonga Vincent says:

    Dear Executive Director,

    I am writing as the founder and Administrator of Kassanda Children’s Aid (KCA). KCA is community based non for profit charity, registered at both the district and national levels. The charity supports Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) impacted with HIV and AIDS. KCA also provides Nutrition and education of HIV positive children below 17 years – receiving medication from Kassanda Health Centre IV. Apart from the above, KCA promotes volunteer programs and also improves sanitation (provision of pads, towels and diapers) among girl children.
    KCA is currently implementing a long term sanitary project amongst positive children receiving medications from Kassanda ART clinic. The project is targeting HIV impacted households with girl children ranging between14-17 years.

    On behalf of KCA’s search for support, we are interested in learning how we could partner with you in order to support the vulnerable children. We would greatly appreciate your positive response to this call and any support that you would be able to provide.
    Let me know if you need more information from us

    Thank you so much
    Pr. Vincent Ssenyonga

  8. more says:

    many schools and colleges are now rethinking about the food fund raisers. They were least encouraged in olden days and now there has been a drastic change in the attitude of people. Keep sharing and updating such informations.

  9. John says:

    Just started writing in to a interning for great non profit in Florida and want to leverage everything I can learn about fundraising and grantwriting in to a career.

  10. more here says:

    The concepts adopted here for fund raising looks like working great and I think this would fetch you an established career too. Thanks a lot for sharing this here for public benefits.

  11. Patricia Kluge says:

    As the 17th annual books sale in support of the Mississuaga Symphony is starting on Thursdy Sept 13th 2012 I thought I’d try to dispell some of the misleading information given 4 years ago. We are a volunteer organization. We hire movers to bring our books from the lower level. We do this once. Our excess stock is stored under the tables instead of in an offsite locations which many place that have large sales do. This stock is put out when tables space allows. We are in a Mall that has year round rent paying store owners who have property rights.The Mall has rules and regulation that we must abide by. There is also the health and safety aspect. The people who want to drag books and boxes out also leave them there with no consideeration to others safety. There is no advantage to us is getting peole to come back another day, thought many do as they are more understaning of our situation . I’m sorry the earlier correspondants had a bad experience but i invite you to come and see for yourselves. Patricia Kluge.Volunteer with the Used Book sale in support of Mississauga Symphony

  12. Mian Babar Ali says:

    Dear Sir/Madam


    We wish to avail an opportunity to introduce about our NGO running on the name of United Welfare Council duly registered with the Government of Punjab Pakistan. We have presently undertaken some schemes to provide assistance to the poor localities in the field of education, health in the District Sialkot Pakistan. We are trying to complete the projects in hand within our own sources and we somehow are successful in managing to meet the good results
    The intention for writing this letter is just to request you to include our NGO also in your future programme for allocating funds in kind of grants/donations
    Hoping an early favourable decision on our request,

    Yours sincerely.

    Mian Babar Ali

    United Welfare Council.
    ZP,Mubarik Pura,

  13. Rev Johnson Masih says:

    wr have have holistic transformation devolopment among the poor/needy children/youths so please cansider us for the glory of God

  14. Julieta says:

    Will you be holding any grant writing seminars in ATlanta, GA for this year 2011?

  15. Deb Leonard says:

    I have found so much useful information on StepByStep Fundraising that has helped me be more confident in my volunteer role of Event Coordinator.

  16. Vivian Jenkins says:

    I’m new at this, so this is probably just a basic question. I am developing a series of fundraisers to help support members of my non-profit organization attend conferences, participate in a state-wide fundraising walk, among other things. Most of us are disabled, and our Social Security or Disability benefits just don’t stretch far enough for such luxuries as hotel rooms and team t-shirts. So, I’m trying to raise money for “scholarships” or “stipends” for these activities for members who need the help.
    One of our members is finding great success for us in her search for prizes for these events, as well as for sponsorships of various aspects of our events. She is collecting things such as door prizes, bingo and other game prizes, printing and golf hole sponsorships, etc. So here’s my question. We are offering them one year’s worth of advertising at these events in exchange for their contribution. In my thank you letters to them, I am also sending them receipts for their donation for tax purposes. From what I’m reading here and there, I’m wondering if they can have both advertising and a tax deduction. Please help out this rookie.

  17. Monica O'Shea says:

    My role is around support for representatives from community and voluntary groups who become involved with policy development at local government level, but we are not a charity.

    I came across your website years ago – and because I am involved with fund raising within my own community (as a volunteer), I was interested and in fact, I very successfully used example letters from your site to approach businesses in a fund raising effort for one of the local sports clubs. It was a combination of both ebook and reading various articles, and putting the whole lot together in letter form!

    Keep up the good work, I always look forward to your bulletins and advice!

  18. Toni Paglia says:

    LOVE your newsletter! It reminds me of things that have been pushed to the back of my mind, teaches me new things and keeps me on my toes.

  19. Celine Yap says:

    I love reading your newsletters and find them very helpful.

  20. Dan Hatcher says:

    You really have some great insights that everyone can learn from!

  21. Fr. Joseph says:

    Happy new year ones more Dear Sandra.
    As you can imagine,your tools and articles are helping me a lot.Iam on the way with one international organization.In my opinion their methods could be very efficient for african organizations.
    By telling the history of those we are helping,we are using a very nice path to facilite the work of all organizations(on the security around the world)by making them to know who we are.Your idea on the history of needed people is very good.
    Good regards.

  22. Claudia Couture says:

    Your newsletter is always so interesting as well as the guidebooks. They help refresh our skills and give new insight on fundraising. Continue your good work.

  23. Sililo says:

    Your “Silent Auction Guide & Toolkit” is a very VALUABLE tool to have in everyone’s fundraising toolbox. I just ordered last week and have already used it. It has helped me so much to prepare our group on our upcoming Dinner and Silent auction activity.
    Thank you for putting it together. Keep up the great work. Sililo aka Kuka Sam


    Ours is a school for needy children working in Uganda.
    We have a problem,we have no website as yet.None of us here can operate a computer nor internet prperly.
    We have failed to do the fundrising for projects we would wish to do here because of this problem.
    If anything,we request step by step to introduce a volunteer program to help people or organisation like ours.All of us here are well aware that there are very many institutions like our that could be needing such help.
    In the new year we hope to continue learning the use of computers and may be one day the school will own an internet for use by the teachers and pupils.
    NB.You can pubish this comment,without any problem as all people must know of our problem,and out of that we can get the help we require.
    May you all be blessed in the new year.
    Christopher Wamala
    P.O.BOX 226
    Email :ndhschool89@yahoo.co.uk

  25. Tony from New Zealand says:

    Thank you for all the tips and advice. The information always serves to remind me that there are so many ways to raise funds which I tend to forget when the pressure is on. The thing I enjoy the most is that you always encourage readers to ensure that those making donations, sponsorships and supporting fundraising efforts are personaly thanked and not forgotten. In my view this would be the biggest omission that new fundraisers make. We all probably tend to forget that benefactors love to hear how their contribution helped your cause.
    When I think back to some of the good people who I have seemingly been too busy to thank I feel embarassed and ashamed.
    I remember watching a television interview with an American rockstar during the nineties who answered all the same boring questions but then actually went on to descibe how he personally supported disadvantaged kids (rather than donating to an agency). When the interviewer faked interest the star then challenged the interviewer to have some of the kids visit New Zealand. Sadly the interviewer’s interest did not seem to be genuine so the rest of the questions were answered sarcastically. I often wonder at the lost oppurtunity to make the world a better place and that particular incident motivates me to speak out and ask questions of those who can make a difference even when social grace (and my wife) tells me that it might be an inappropriate time. I think a lot of those in a position to help would feel it a priviledge to be asked.
    Keep up the hard work everyone. If you are reading this then I am sure you are doing a good job for your cause.

  26. Judy Bird says:

    I have used the ideas and tips when I was the fund raising chair for our middle school band. I found many tips about keeping parents informed, setting goals etc to be invaluable as we raised $40,00 during my 3 years…unfirtunately, there was no one to replace me as my kids graduated and I have found out that many of my ideas and efforts have simply been dropped; it makes me sad. The band director did not help with recuiting of new volunteers and as aresult many would either be burned out or discouraged. We worked with an outside company for a $5,000 annual magazine sale with the hope of building on renewals (buy something you already love1) and they decided to postpone it for 6 months the next year; so much for renewals on annual subscriptions!

    On a very personal level, my son and I had a very successful letter writing fund raser to help him go on a trip to Australia and New Zealand. We personalized each letter send, icluded a self addressed stamped envelope and send not only a thank you for the donation but a follow-up letter upon his retun home. We mad a deal with our son, we would pay for half (4000) and John had to raise the other $4,000; he was able to raise $2,000 of this based on the letter campaigne developed with tips from your website and books.

    I am no longer actively a fund raiser, but expect to assume that role as my 3 children pursue different activites in high school and contiue to read your very informative books and articles.

  27. Betty Lewis says:

    Any ideas for Fund Raising for a community food bank?

  28. Gina Woods says:

    Thank you for your website and information. I found you on Yahoo, and love the template you left. I’ll let you know if it worked. Onward! Gina Woods, Founder of “OwieBowWowie and Friends.”

  29. DeBorah says:

    Dear Sandra, the book is really great and has been a big help, things are going good so far.


  30. Jessica says:

    I would just like to say thank you for sending me these guides they have been extremely useful!

  31. Gordon Barnes says:

    Hello Step-by-Step team – I found your info via this Top 10 Fundraising blogs article here http://www.blogs.com/topten/everyday-givings-top-10-fundraising-blogs/

    I have a DC Public Affairs + Communications Jobs blog that occasionally features fundraising & development jobs – and today (Mar 17) – I am focusing exclusively on those opportunities – mostly in the DC area. I just thought you or any of peers/contacts in the fundraising/non-profit world might be interested in seeing it: http://publicaffairsjobs.blogspot.com/

    thanks for your consideration and best wishes going forward.

    Gordon Barnes

  32. Helen Johnson says:

    We just finished our second annual fund-raiser to benefit our medical/dental pediatric patients at Medical College of Georgia Children’s Medical Center in Augusta, GA. I am writing to you because your newsletter has been an invaluable tool to teach me how to be more successful in raising funds for this effort. I am excited about everything that I learned this year, and am already planning to learn more for next years event. I really feel that I would never have been as successful without the help of your web site.

  33. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the tips and articles. You really get into the details of fundraising.


  34. Michael Gibbons says:

    I don’t know how Sandra does it but between here original writing and the trolling for the best of the internet she has compiled maybe the most comprehensive fundraising resource on the web and she’s a genuinely nice person to boot!

  35. Jules Andre-Brown says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your website. I am starting my own website to assist Autistic people and provide dj mixes to the world – we have learned a lot from here and wanted to say Thank You.


    – Jules

  36. Laura Gauthier says:

    Hi Sandra. I have really enjoyed your web site. I especially wanted to thank you for your support of Krispy Kreme fundraisers. My husband and I operate a franchise in Tampa Florida and we are very involved with fundraising locally. I wanted to let you know that our average customer earns between $1000-$4000 with Krispy Kreme. It is a beloved brand and so, so easy to sell.
    I will recommend your site to our customers and potential customers so that they can learn helpful tips to improve their fundraising success.
    Thank you again!
    Laura Gauthier

  37. Lorraine Cyr says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Thank you for the tips on how to write a fundraiser letter. I have been involved over the last couple of years in fundraising events for my softball team and league and I have been struggling when it has come down to writing letters for donations.

    This is a great time of the year to have received this e-mail. I am starting to look for donations for door prizes for our banquet, and these tips will certainly help me write those hard to word letters.